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A Letter from the CEO

Christopher U. Missling, PhD, MS, MBA 

President and CEO

At Anavex, we thrive on the benefits of collaboration and teamwork in the effort to identify CNS breakthroughs. The strength and resilience of patients and their families motivate us to translate breakthroughs into therapeutics. Our vision of transforming people's lives through science is made possible by the talent and passion of our workforce, all of whom bring unique skills, insights and passion.


Community-based partnerships guide our pre-clinical and clinical research to ensure we do not impose unnecessary burdens onto the people we aim to serve. As a science-driven company, we know it is through diversity of thought and community-based collaborations that we can address the disease areas where people are still waiting for treatments.

From the youngest person living with Rett syndrome, or Fragile X syndrome, to the oldest person experiencing Alzheimer's disease, or Parkinson's disease dementia, our vision as a company is only made possible if patients have equitable access to healthcare, and we recognize that we have a role to play in helping to address health equity across the healthcare institutional continuum.

A Global Burden of Disease study shows that Alzheimer's disease and other dementias are amongst the 3 most burdensome neurological disorders in the U.S. CNS disorders impact a large number of people with a variety of different cultures and personal backgrounds. From infants to the elderly, we are dedicated to addressing the devastating impact of neurological disorders through our proprietary SIGMACEPTOR development platform.


A large body of evidence indicates that sigma-1 receptors (SIGMAR1) are important drug targets for a number of neurological disorders. SIGMAR1 are enriched in the central nervous system (CNS) and are the target for the orally available ANAVEX®2-73

We are proud of the journey we have initiated and look forward to continuing the work required to achieve life-saving therapeutic discovery goals.

Christopher U. Missling

Christopher U. Missling, MS, PhD, MBA

President and CEO

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"CNS disorders impact people of all ages and backgrounds. From infants to the elderly, we are committed to solving these devastating conditions, all of which do not yet have a suitable treatment option."

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