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SIGMACEPTOR™ Discovery Platform
A potent new approach to drug development

At the heart of Anavex’s innovative approach to drug development is its proprietary SIGMACEPTOR™ Discovery Platform. Developed by Dr. Alexandre Vamvakides, our scientific founder, the SIGMACEPTOR™ platform continues to generate promising compounds, steadily producing new drug candidates ready to enter the company’s robust development pipeline.

The compounds emanating from the SIGMACEPTOR™ Discovery Platform act through sigma receptors, a relatively new class of receptors that is able to activate multiple pathways and provide treatment solutions in many types of diseases. We are at an appropriate stage to evaluate the potential of compounds (ligands) that activate these receptors with regards to effective dosing, safety and efficacy.

Our priority is to prove the safety and efficacy of at least one compound in clinical trials and confirm the excellent results achieved to date in animal models.

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